pendant –luxury crystal chandeliers LED for home MD3600

Company information :        

Yi Dian Hong Lighting is a professional manufacturer of modern lighting

Factory be founded in 2006, Focus on modern lamp design, production。

Main products:Modern ceiling Lamps;modern pendant & chandelier ; modern wall lamps;

Customer distribution:Europe, Russia, South America.

Our brand: Yidinh

The main partner: Germany lighting supermarket

Enterprise Mission:  

Let high quality contemporary & modern lights go into households

 Corporate Vision: 

Become a strong brand in the field of high quality modern lamp

  Corporate Values:  

Be reality and pragmatic, pursuit of excellence;

Satisfy customer and build the teams;

Since 2006 ,Workers who work in this factory for 10 years account for 25% of the total staff,

the defective product rate is below 0.3%,and well received by the guests.

We stry hard to become the most excellent crystal lamp factory in China.

Brand yidinh
product name pendant light
Voltage 100–265V 50–60Hz
Power 54W
Warranty 2 years
Light size L40*W30*H100 cm
Packing size cbm: 0.03/Cn
Main meterial Aluminum+ crystal
Body color gold

Our service

1. 12 years of modern lighting design, production experience.There have new products every month

2. 800 square sales exhibition hall, 1000 styles can see the physical effect

3. The factory price is sold, the protection of the lamp for three years, also can be customized by the customer request.

4. Provide CE, ROHS, VDE, UL and CUL certification

5. Professional customer service, professional solutions, quick recovery rate.

Company information

 Yi Dian Hong Lighting Factory is a professional manufacturer ,provide crystal ceiling light and pendant chandelier light, wall lamp , table light ,floor light

 focus on making modern crystal lights since 2006. design production and sales crystal light.Customer distribution:Eastern Europe, Western Europe, Russia, Oceania, South America.

 Our brand:Yidinh

 Our Be reality and pragmatic,Advancing with the times, Unity of knowledge and practice

 Our team always strive hard to continuously serve our customers and households better.

 We stry hard to become the most excellent crystal lighting factory in China.

Enterprise Mission:

Let high quality crystal lights go into households

Corporate Vision:

Become a strong brand in the field of high quality crystal lamp

Corporate Values:

Be reality and pragmatic, pursuit of excellence;Be careful of the details and keep improving;Put customer first,deliver value;Satisfy customer and build the teams;Advancing with the times, Unity of knowledge and practice;Keep optimistic and passion, persue tasteful life;

Recommended for places suchas home and shops,livig room ,dining hall, exhibition hall.


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